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  • All-Season Tires or All Weather Tires? How to choose the perfect tire for you!

    April 17, 2018 2 min read

    Winter is finally melting away and we're seeing more of bright sunny days! With warmer temperatures coming in, it should be time to switch over to All Season or All Weather tires. So, what is the difference between the two? 

    To begin, All-Season tires don't actually mean it's for all seasons. All Season tires have a harder compound, so it's unable to stay flexible in harsh winter weathers. All Season tires perform best in warm, dry and mild wet conditions. 

    On the other hand, All-Weather tires can perform and stay flexible at temperatures above and below 7 degrees Celsius - making them perfect for Canada's year round tire, but at the cost of a shorter tire life. All-Weather tires provide excellent grip on snow, slush, wet roads and bare asphalt. 

    Winter Tire Three Peaked Mountain Symbol

    Similar to Winter Tires, All-Weather tires also have the three-peak mountain symbol, meaning it meets the required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service-rated. But, winter tires will still outperform all-weather tires in winter conditions. All-Weather tires are a great choice as a year-round tire for those who do not wish to switch over, but having 2 sets of tires - winter tires and all-season/all-weather tires would be the safest choice. You will also be prolonging the life of your tires when you have 2 sets of tires.

    Here's a feature comparison:



    When it comes to All-Season Tires, there are different types of tires - Ultra-high Performance tire (UHP), High-performance, performance, passenger all-seasonal tires and the list goes on.

    • Generally, performance tires are made with an emphasis on performance, and provide better traction - but they usually have shorter tread wear and less grip in cold weather
    • Touring tires are designed for a smooth, quiet ride with better handling and better high-speed capabilities
    • Passenger tires focus on durability, a smooth ride and stable handling

    There are many brands and different types of All-Season/All-Weather tires out on the market. You have to know the size that is applicable to your vehicle - if you're unsure, ask your mechanic - or for Mazda's, you can simply ask us! Do your research on specific tires and read reviews on it's performance, handling, cornering, comfort, road noise, tread wear and other features of the tire to get a better understanding of the tire. 

    Looking for recommendations? We have great recommendations for all kinds of tires! Just contact us using our contact form, or here and we'll help you find the right tire for you at the right price! 

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