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    Roof Rack Cross Bars & Side Rails | Mazda CX-9 (2016-2023)

    No matter what activities you love, you can take your favourite gear with you on your Mazda CX-9. This versatile crossbar system is used in combination with attachments for transporting bicycles, skis, snowboards and more. Roof racks offer additional storage without obstructing your view of the road. Carrying capacity of up to 95 kilograms.

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    • Versatile usages with other transportation carriers - bike racks, skis, surfboards and more
    • Frees up cargo space
    • Convenient, keeps you prepared to be on the go for spontaneous adventures
    • Holds up to 95 kg (209 lbs) evenly distributed
    • Choose to purchase Crossbars or Side Rails 
    • Part #:
      • Cross Bars: 0000-8L-N11
      • Side Rails: 0000-8L-N10B
      • Service Kit for Cross Bars: 0000-8L-N13 
    • Parts included with Side Rails:
    • Tools Required for Side Rails:
      • Torque Wrench
      • T-30 Socket
    • Parts included with Cross Bars:
    • Tools Required for Cross Bar:
      • Torque Wrench
      • T-30 Socket

    Special Notes

    • Cross Bars require the Side Rails to be installed first
    • Applicable model years:
      • Mazda CX-9: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2021.5, 2022, 2023