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  • Mud Guards, Front & Rear | Mazda3 Hatchback (2019-2024)

    Don’t let your journey end with a trip to the paint shop. Help protect your Mazda3 Hatchback's finish from rocks and other road debris with Mazda's durable, impact resistant mud guards. Tested to withstand harsh conditions and strong impacts, these guards remain standing strong by your side. 

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    • All weather, durable material offering devoted protection
    • Prevents paint chips that leads to rust 
    • Reduces slush, mud and road debris splatter on your Mazda3
    • Part #:
      • Front Guards: BDGH-V3-450
      • Rear Guards: B0L6-V3-460
    • Items Included in Front Mud Guard Kit:
    • Items included in Rear Mud Guard Kit:

    Special Notes

    • Front Guards cannot be installed in conjunction with Side Sills
    • Rear Guards cannot be installed in conjunction with Rear Diffuser
    • Applicable model years:
      • Mazda3 Hatchback (5-Door): 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024