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Superspeed FlowForm RF06RR Alloy Wheel (Hyper Red) — 18"


Competition Design, JDM Heritage

Inspired by a timeless 6-spoke design, the RF06RR is a twist made by Superspeed with their own secret recipes. Featured with the iconic drop-center barrel and concave spoke design, it has the best big brake clearance in class; topped with the signature knurled bead seat and weight reduction pockets, the RF06RR is Superspeed's tribute to the Golden Age of JDM.

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Wheel Size & Offset
Superspeed FlowForm RF06RR Bead Knurling


Originated from F1 racing, RF06RR features knurled bead seats on both sides of the rim/barrel. This helps with minimizing tire slip within the wheels under extreme acceleration and deceleration.

Superspeed FlowForm RF06RR Barrel


Starting from design phase, big brake kits from different brand names were modeled to make sure the final wheel product yielded enough clearance for your aftermarket brake upgrades.

Superspeed FlowForm RF06RR Lightweight Pocketing


No compromise for weight saving — lightweight pocket on center disk

Superspeed FlowForm RF06RR D-Rib & Machined Spoke


Shave off any redundant weight possible. It also serves as a cosmetic feature (Diamond Cut on Matte Black finish)

Double-Rib shape design between spokes to increase wheel rigidity

Superspeed FlowForm RF06RR CNC Machining


CNC engraved branding and model name (Diamond Cut on Matte Black finish)

    • Six-spoke design
    • Available in 18" diameter
    • Bold Hyper Red finish
    • Lightweight, high-performance, single-piece alloy construction
    • Made using FlowForm technology, maximizing both strength and affordability
    • Includes FlowForm Low Type Center Cap in Hyper Red
    • Certifications: JWL, VIA
    • Style #: RF03RR
    • Finish: Hyper Red
    • Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter): 5×114.3mm
    • Hub Bore Diameter: 73.1mm
    • Lug Seat: 60° Conical
    • All-Season Approved: Yes
    Wheel Size Offset (mm) Weight (lbs./kg) Load Rating (lbs./kg)
    18"×8.5" +40 18.9/8.2 1521/690
  • Wheel Size
    CX-3 2016-2022
    CX-30 2020-2024
    CX-5 2013-2024
    CX-50 2023-2024
    CX-9 2016-2023
    Mazda3 2004-2024
    Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013
    Mazda6 2014-2021
    RX-8 2004-2011

    Since there are several application combinations possible, we've highlighted the easiest sizes to fit your Mazda. All listed sizes for each vehicle are wheel manufacturer-recommended fitments based on factory vehicle suspension components, and no vehicle modifications should be necessary.

    Should your vehicle have any modifications, then we can no longer guarantee fitment to your vehicle. If your Mazda is not listed, then this wheel does not have an appropriate size available for your vehicle or may be deemed as an aggressive fitment which will be indicated with the "❌".

    Installing aggressive wheels may require vehicle modification(s) and may be illegal for road use in some jurisdictions. Please check your local regulations before proceeding with your purchase.

Special Notes:

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    • If you choose to upsize or downsize, the corresponding tire size must also be changed
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