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Roof Rack Accessory | Roof Platform

Travel in your Mazda without leaving any of your favourite gear behind or having to play Tetris to fit all your belongings into your trunk. The roof platform does more than allow outdoor enthusiasts to secure outdoor equipment. Owners can create a camping experience like no other by adding Mazda’s available rooftop tent and sleep closer to the stars.

Installation Option


  • Free up cargo space and keep your interior clean
  • Maximum space efficiency across a wide range of vehicle fits
  • Part #: VA40-V3-862

Special Notes

  • Roof Rack Cross Bars are required

Warnings & Limitations

  • Check tightness of all bolts and knobs periodically
  • Failure of straps may result in loss of gear
  • Be aware of the width and height of your cargo since low clearance branches, bridges, and parking garages can affect the load
  • Remove your rack and accessories when they are not in use and before entering automatic car washes
  • For safety to your vehicle and rack system, obey all posted speed limits and traffic cautions
  • Adapt your speed to the conditions of the road and the load being carried
  • Drive slowly over speed bumps 8-16 km/h (5-10 mph) maximum