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Mazda3 Emblems, Badging | Mazda3 Sedan (2010-2013)

Mazda's signature badging around your Mazda3 Sedan completes the look and beauty of your Mazda3. Replace your missing or broken emblems and badging with Mazda's Genuine Badges.



  • Original Mazda3 Sedan Factory Logo Badge
  • Mazda Emblems and Badging for all the 
  • Factory Fitment
  • High Quality, Original Mazda Badging
  • Part #: 
    • Front Grill Mazda Logo Emblem: C235-51-731A
    • Rear Trunk Mazda Logo Emblem: BBY4-51-730
    • Rear Trunk 'Mazda' Badge: BBY4-51-710
      • Clip: LA01-51-958
    • Rear Trunk '3' Badge: BBY4-51-721
    • Rear Trunk '2.5' Badge: BBM7-51-721
    • Rear Trunk 'Skyactiv' Badge: BFD1-51-771

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