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Mazda Wheel Locks in Chrome (21mm) | Mazda Tribute (2000-2011)

Keep your Mazda's captivating alloy wheels for eyes only. Protect your investment and help keep your alloy wheels safe from theft with Mazda's custom-keyed wheel locks.
Installation Options


  • Offers significant anti-theft protection, preventing your wheels from theft
  • Stunning chrome finish 
  • Uniquely shaped lock pattern
  • Easy to use
  • Includes the following
    • One (1) wheel lock key
    • Four (4) wheel locks
  • Part #: 0000-88-120V-PB
    • Previous: 0000-88-120U-PB

Special Notes and Warnings

  • If your existing wheel lock key has been misplaced...
    • Please contact the wheel lock manufacturer using the provided order form and wheel lock key number
    • Single wheel lock replacements are not available to order/purchase
    • Purchasing a new wheel lock set will not remove of your pre-existing wheel locks. We are also not responsible for your return of the new wheel lock set.
    • Your pre-existing wheel locks can be removed at your local Mazda dealership.
      If you are local to us, schedule an appointment and we will be happy to have your wheel locks removed!
      (Standard replacement wheel nuts or a new wheel lock set can be purchased)
  • Wheel locks and and wheel lock key shown in pictures may not be the same as the ones you receive