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Front Mask | Mazdaspeed3 (2010-2013)

Planning to take your Mazdaspeed3 on an adventure? Whether you are exploring the great outdoors, hitting up the beach, or exploring the hidden gems of your city, protect your front end with Mazda's Front Mask! It was specially designed to fit over your factory front bumper, to protect your paint from road debris! With a few simple steps, the Front Mask can be installed or removed as you wish with the Mask being washable and ready for your next drive! 

Installation Options


  • Protective barrier over front fascia from road debris and bug splatters
  • Specially cut to fit directly over your factory front bumper
  • Easily removable and able to be reinstalled
  • Part #: BLMS-8M-L32
  • Hardware includes:

Special Notes

  • If mask should flap due to high speed or wind conditions, adjust or remove the mask completely
  • Applicable model years:
    • Mazdaspeed3: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 
    • Not applicable for Mazda3 Sedan or Hatchback (5-Door)
  • Area to be covered by mask must be clean
    • It is recommended that you wash and wax vehicle prior to installation
  • Both vehicle and mask must be completely dry prior to installation
    • If moisture under mask is allowed to dry on vehicle, paint may cloud
  • Any repainted surfaces in contact with mask must be allowed to cure completely
  • If state or provincial law requires use of the front license plate, remove flap as shown in Step 1 of instructions.
  • WARNING: Running up on curb will damage this product
    Neither we or the manufacturer will be responsible for damage to product due to accident or misuse 
  • Care and Cleaning:
    • Always remove mask before washing vehicle
    • Hand clean mask using mild soap, rinse thoroughly with clean water and line dry completely
    • Use Mazda Vinyl/Leather Protectant (or equivalent) to preserve colour and finish
    • If mask is left on vehicle in rain, dirt can potentially be washed under the mask and could scratch the vehicle. It is recommended that the mask be removed and cleaned along with vehicle as instructed if left on during rain sleet or snow