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Aero Kit - Front Air Dam (Brilliant Black) | Mazda MX-5 RF (2017-2022)

Give your Mazda MX-5 RF extra curb appeal with this race-inspired body kit. Our Aero Kit in Gloss Black includes the Front Air Dam, Front Air Deflector, and Rear Lip Spoiler. Front air dams help keep the front nose of your car steady and pointed at the ground to minimize air pressure and increase traction. Rear lip spoilers increases the downward force on the back of your vehicle, helping to maintain traction and increases braking ability.

Move sliders to see before and after a full kit!


Front Three-Quarter:

Left Side:

Rear Three-Quarter:


Air Dam Kit Pieces
Installation Options


  • Race-inspired appearance 
  • Accentuate curves while remaining aerodynamic to increase traction
  • Achieve an aggressive sporty look for your MX-5 Retractable Fastback
  • High quality, precision cut for your Mazda MX-5 RF
  • Classy Gloss black finish
  • Part #:
    • Front Air Dam: QNDN-50-AH0 / QNDE-50-AH0A / QNDE-50-AH0B / QNDE-50-AH0B-PZ
    • Air Deflector: N248-V4-990
    • Rear Lip Spoiler: QNDN-51-960- PZ

Special Notes