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Buy Now, Pay Over Time With PayBright | MazdaShop.ca

Buy what you want, when you want with PayBright’s stress-free payment options using debit or credit at checkout. By selecting PayBright as a payment method at checkout, customers can enjoy their purchase immediately, while spreading their payments over time. It's simple and quick!

What is PayBright?

PayBright is an alternate payment method that allows you to split your purchase into 4 equal interest-free payments. No interest, zero upfront fees.

Why use PayBright?

  • No impact on credit score
    • Using a Pay in 4 PayBright payment plan won't impact your credit score.
  • Quick and convenient checkout
    • Place your order quickly and easily by choosing PayBright as your payment choice at checkout. Simply enter a few details to complete your purchase.
  • Easy payments
    • PayBright will automatically debit payments from your chosen Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, interest-free.

How do I use PayBright?

  • Shop
    • Browse MazdaShop.ca and add your favourite finds to your shopping cart.
  • Select
    • When you reach checkout, choose PayBright as your payment method.
  • Checkout
    • Complete your purchase and pay later in 4 equal payments.
  • Pay
    • The remaining 3 payments are charged to your debit or credit card every two weeks.

Who can apply for a PayBright payment plan?

You will need:

  • To be 18+ years old
  • A Canadian Visa/Mastercard credit card or debit card. Debit card must have the Visa or Mastercard logo
  • To be a resident of Canada
  • Your own SMS-capable Canadian phone number
  • To meet the minimum cart size required ($50) to use PayBright as a payment option at checkout

Which payment methods are accepted?

PayBright currently accepts Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards. Debit cards must have the Visa or Mastercard logo. Please note, prepaid cards are not accepted.

Where can I use PayBright?

You can use PayBright on MazdaShop.ca. PayBright is not currently available in stores.

How do I sign up?

If your basket is eligible for 'Pay in 4' with PayBright, the option will be presented at checkout. After confirming your phone number, you will be sent an SMS message to confirm your identity. You will then set up your payment method with PayBright and accept the terms of your payment plan.

I see PayBright available at checkout, but why is the option grayed out?

All items in your cart must be eligible to qualify for PayBright. Current restrictions include:

  • Your order must be placed and shipped within Canada
  • You cannot combine multiple payment methods, including gift cards.
  • Your order must meet the minimum purchase amount to quality for PayBright ($50).

What if I get declined from using PayBright?

You can use an alternate payment method to complete your purchase.

Will this affect my credit score?

No. When you sign up for PayBright 'Pay in 4', they may perform a soft credit check. This will not impact your credit score or show up as a hard inquiry on your credit report.

If the order total changes, how does that affect the 4 payments?

If your order total changes for any reason, the payments will be adjusted accordingly.

How long does it take to reverse a pending authorization?

Most authorizations are reversed within 24 hours, however this is ultimately up to your financial institution.

What if the order is canceled, will I still be charged?

No, you will not be charged. Please reach out to PayBright’s Customer Experience team through their contact form for any additional support.

What if I can’t make a payment?

Please reach out to PayBright’s Customer Experience team and they’ll be happy to look into the options available. You can contact them using their contact form.

Are there late fees?

For more information on late or NSF fees, please see PayBright's FAQ section.

What if I make a return?

Purchases made using PayBright are subject to MazdaShop's standard return policy. Any returns will be processed by MazdaShop and your PayBright balance will be reduced, cancelled or refunded accordingly. For information on returns, review MazdaShop's return policy.

Have more questions?

Have more questions? Visit PayBright’s website here. Please see terms for full details.